Reed Richards or Mr Fantastic is a scientist and the leader of the Fantastic Four. He is voiced Hiro Kanagawa.
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When Reed was in college he found Ben and they became good freinds but sooner after that he went into space but was one of the 5 people to be hit by the cosmic rays.


As for being a very scientific man, he doesn't believe in magic and can be very serious man at most points including on missions. He is cool headed and has very good leadership skills. He is also very passionate about his work and would help his friends if in any danger.


Reed, like the rest of the team, wears a blue, white and orange uniform with a 4 on his chest. He has brown eyes, black hair with white sides.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Reed has the ability to strech his limbs is different lenghs and sizes and is known as the smartest man in the world so he has great intillect. He also has a great amount of different weapons and machines like the power gauntlet and the nuetraliser.


Even though he can strech, he can get hit by multiple lazers and if also can be frozen stiff with a very cold substance.


  • Reed is the smartest man in the world.
  • He doesn't believe in magic.

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