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Johnny Storm or The Human Torch is the 3rd member of the Fantastic Four. He is voiced by Christopher Jacot.


Johnny, like the rest of the team wears the Fantastic Four uniform and has spiked up white hair with with blue eyes, just like his sister but when he goes up in flames, he is a mixture of red, orange and yellow.


Johnny is quite reckless, iresponsible and is always up for a good time but when he goes on fire he can mostly only think about melting things. Jhonny is really terrified when underwater and is always hitting on the hot girls.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

When people say that Johnny is hot headed, they mean it literally. He has the ability to go up in flames with saying "flame on!" and can also fly. When at very hot tementure, he can go supernova.


Just as anybody who was made of fire, Johnny can't be anywhere with water or he'll turn back to his regular self.

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