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Dr Doom or his full name Victor Von Doom is the main antonagast of the series and the Fantastic Four's greatest enemy. He is voiced Paul Dobson


When Victor was in school, he and Reed were good friends and later, when Doom was successful and dating Susan , Reed asked to take the FF up to the Von Doom Space Station but he messed with the shields and changed 5 lives forever. Sooner, Reed proposed to Susan, which made Doom's biggest enemy yet.


Doom, like any other enemy, is ruthless, cunning and intelligent and would destroy the Fantastic Four and take over New York at any cost.


Dr Doom has a dark green chest protector with is covered with a lighter green cloak. He has bright, green eyes and his face is covered with a silver mask.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Doom created a series of robots called Doombots which he programs to follow his ever will including to take out the Fantastic Four. He also created other devices.