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Ben Grimm or The Thing is the final member of the FF and the muscle of the team. He is voiced Brian Dobson


Not much is known about Ben's backstory apart from when Reed and Ben were soon was the best of freinds and was one of the heroes today to go into space with the rest of the team.


Ben has a hard, rocky, orange body with the Fantastic Four logo on his chest. He also have a pair of leggings with the rest of the teams design and he also has blue eyes.


Even though Ben may be a monster to some people in New York, he is loving, caring and a team player. He may get angry at some points in the series where Jhonny plays pranks on him but he still has a big heart and will ever be "The ever loving blue-eyed Thing".


Since Ben's skin is made entirely rock solid, his only weakness is things that burn like acid.